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Breaking The Glass Ceiling

November 21, 2020

Are women finally breaking through the glass ceiling in society?

So many girls see themselves in Kamala Harris.  What kind of impact will she have on the young ladies in this country who want to better their position in life?

Joining me to discuss Kamala Harris being the Vice President-elect and what it means is Shamira Ervin-Parker

Shamira is a career woman who has elevated herself in Corporate America through hard work and dedication.  And she has managed to do all of that while balancing being a wife and a mother.  

I ask her a few questions about how this election may have accelerated the growth of equality in this country for women.  Have the ladies finally broken the barrier to bigger and better things in the United States? 

We'll discuss that in this Q-on-1 edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.

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