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Understanding Independent Women

Understanding Independent Women

February 24, 2021

We men have heard so many women claim that independent women scare us for some reason.  I personally don't believe that to be the case, but I've never asked a woman's perspective on it.  What exactly does it mean to be a strong, independent woman?  What are things to expect when dating a strong woman?  

I figured who would be better to ask than Cary Thomas of the Camouflaged Beauty Podcast?

Cary is a military veteran and that alone automatically proves her toughness and discipline.  She is the type of person that a lot of people would consider as being "strong".  How do you guys look at her because of that?  Do men avoid her because they feel as if they can't live up to her expectations?

I'll ask her about that, the definition of singleness, and more on this Q-on-1 edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

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Who Is Your Relationship Role Model?

Who Is Your Relationship Role Model?

February 20, 2021
Lori Harvey is praised not for finding what appears to be a good man, but for dating multiple men. Russell Wilson is criticized for publicly loving his wife. 
Why is it that people have such different views of celebrity relationships? Who were their relationship role models when growing up?
We'll discuss that and more on tonight's T2Q!  Celebrating 10 years on the air, baby!
the Talk 2 Q Radio Show celebrates 10 years with an explosive show about relationships! 
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$15 Minimum Wage: Good Or Bad?

$15 Minimum Wage: Good Or Bad?

February 19, 2021

Is minimum wage going to $15 an hour?   If so, how will that impact the economy?  There have been proposals to raise minimum wage to $15/hour in increments by 2025.  I'm all for people making more money, but what kind of impact would this move have on everyone not making minimum wage?  

Will there not be an impact felt on the workers who make minimum wage in New York?  How will their lives compare to the workers who make minimum wage in Missouri?  And what about the people who make $16/hour?  Will they get incremental increases as well or will companies avoid giving them raises to compensate for a higher minimum wage?

So many questions to throw out to my Show Legends.  Let's see what they have to say on this episode of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  "No experts.  Just opinions."

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Prison Life: Views From The Inside w/Rojonah Harris

Prison Life: Views From The Inside w/Rojonah Harris

February 13, 2021

Rojonah "Ro" Harris returns to T2Q to discuss in more detail about her time spent in federal prison for tax fraud.  She's very open about her life experiences, but now she gives us the scoop on federal prison.  It's not Camp Cupcake like people say it is.  At least not at the location she was incarcerated in down in Alabama.

What were the ins and outs of daily life on the inside?  We break down the following:
  • What's the intake process like?
  • How important is a good cellmate?
  • What was the interaction with the guards like?
These things and more as Rojo bares her soul on T2Q about her life on the inside of a federal prison.
Follow her on IG: @RojonahHarris
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What Men Think About Valentine’s Day

What Men Think About Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2021
Do men look at the lover's holiday a lot differently than women?  We think so.  V-Day doesn't mean as much to us as it does to women.  So, the purpose of this episode is to allow women into the minds of men to understand where we stand when it comes to Cupid Day.
I'm joined by George "Gator" Livous of the Down 5 and Dope Discussions With Erica podcasts and James Lampkin of Conversations With Lamp podcast. 
I always encourage the guys to speak freely and get everything they want to say out on these podcasts. Please be sure to support my guests by visiting the links below! 
Gator's IG: @GatorLive_Down5
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What Women Think About Valentine’s Day

What Women Think About Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2021
I'm joined by three ladies to discuss what women truly think about Valentine's Day and what it means to them.  
Are their beliefs in alignment with men?  Nope.  But, we'll compare the differences in an attempt to help the guys step up their game!
I'm joined by Kiah Mims of the Eyes Wide Open Podcast, Erica Warren of Dope Discussions With Erica podcast, and Christina of the Check In Check Out Podcast
I always encourage the ladies to speak freely and get everything they want to say out on these podcasts. Please be sure to support my guests by visiting the links below! 
Kiah's IG: @Vonkiah
Christina's FB: Check In - Check Out
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Q-on-1 w/Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Maya Hayes

Q-on-1 w/Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Maya Hayes

February 6, 2021

Maya Hayes rejoins the show to discuss the amazing strides that she's made in the world of dance!  She is a former Dallas Mavericks dancer and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader who started her own dance group at a young age.  Starfire Productions, LLC. is the venture that Maya has turned into an opportunity for girls and young ladies all over the world.

We discuss how she got started as a cheerleader and how she grew her idea into three dance studios, including one under construction in Africa.  She reveals a little bit about a future TV show for her studio and more.

It's a great conversation with a young lady from Jackson, Mississippi who has traveled all over the world to introduce others to the artful style of dance!

You can follow her on IG @StarfirePro or visit the website at

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Celi Marie Dean: Recommitted

Celi Marie Dean: Recommitted

February 3, 2021
A conversation with former Miss Black USA, Celi Marie Dean, is my TBT show this week!
(Show #230 originally aired live June 4, 2013.)
On this show, I asked Celi Marie Dean about her book, Recommitted: It's Not Too Late, her acting role in a the movie, Boys Cry, and some of the charitable work that she has completed across the globe!  We also talk about her experience in winning the Miss Black USA pageant.

You can find out more about Celi here:

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Facts!  Not Emotions!

Facts! Not Emotions!

January 30, 2021

Social media has given us a platform to have debate after debate.  However, most of these debates are fruitless because one of the arguing members will base their argument on "how they feel" instead of what may have actually happened.

Why have we allowed emotions to replace facts?  The cable news networks uses plays us against each other because we're too emotional to think about what's actually going on.  We also allow our emotions to make irrational decisions that can lead to hurting people unintentionally.

Well, I have something to say about it.

Show #905

Q-on-1 w/Actor, Ciera Payton

Q-on-1 w/Actor, Ciera Payton

January 27, 2021

The star of Lifetime's "Wendy Williams: The Movie", Ciera Payton, is my TBT show this week.

(Show # 274 originally aired October 8, 2013).
Ciera Payton joined me to discuss not just her budding acting career at the time, but also the special relationship that she had with her father who was imprisoned.
The New Orleans native talked about overcoming poverty, Hurricane Katrina, and her father being in jail.  All of this while on her journey to being in films and movies.  Her story is an inspirational one as she tells us how her acting career came to be and how she made the most of her oppotunities to grow her career.
Take a listen to the interview and I know that you will enjoy and root for her just as much as I do!
Enjoy this Throwback Thursday edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!
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What Happened To Responsible Sex?

What Happened To Responsible Sex?

January 27, 2021

At one time, sex was portrayed as a beautiful thing in the movies. Not in 2021. 

Now it's just something to do. Well, if you're going to do it, then why risk bringing a baby into the world that can't be cared for as it deserves? Why are people too lazy to use some form of birth control?  

The average sexual encounter lasts between three to seven minutes. Is that worth long-term troubles?  What about STD's?  What about the potential hit on your reputation if you're deemed as someone who does "too much"?  What about how it impacts you financially if you have a baby?

We'll discuss that and more on this edition of T2Q!  I'm joined by Chrissy of Ciphered Knowledge with Chrissy, Queen Cole of Light The Path Podcast, Esha of Key To The City, and Show Legend, Buck.

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Spice Up Valentine’s Day!

Spice Up Valentine’s Day!

January 23, 2021

Chanera Cotlage is the owner of XI Lingerie and CiCi Pleasure Box in Las Vegas.  Her and I will discuss how she took an idea and turned it into a business.  The mind of an entrepreneur never ceases to fascinate me, so I love having on these type of guests.

I try to probe their minds to figure out what makes them think so far outside of the box when compared to other people.  Chanera will share with me how her vision started and where she wants to go.  And in the interim, you can learn how you can score some hot, new items just in time for Valentine's Day weekend!

XI Lingerie can be found on Instagram over at

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Being Bitter Ruins New Relationships

Being Bitter Ruins New Relationships

January 20, 2021

Joining me will be Chrissy, the host of Ciphered Knowledge with Chrissy. Chrissy and I discuss her podcast and what inspired her to start. 

But our main topic will be about why some people allow their bitterness to ruin a chance of having a fulfilling relationship.  Is being bitter a form of "emotional baggage"?  By judging people with one broad stroke, are you blinding yourself to a mate who may potentially be your match?

Find out her answers to that and more on this Q-on-1 edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show. 

Catch Chrissy on IG at or at

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How To Prepare For Dating

How To Prepare For Dating

January 16, 2021

This is episode number 900!  Wow.  It's hard to believe that this show has reached this particular milestone, but it is here.  I want to thank all of you who have been a part of this journey. 

On this show, we will get you prepared for dating.  As crazy as it sounds, you really have to get yourself right if you want to increase your success in the dating world.  So many people do not have their stuff together and they end up paying for it by getting involved in a bad relationship or by running off someone who may have been good for you.  
I bring on some panelists to help provide insight hat will hopefully guide you into a successful dating process.
So, it's show #900, "How To Prepare For Dating", on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  "No experts. Just opinions.".
Show #900
Being A Good Person Means Nothing

Being A Good Person Means Nothing

January 13, 2021

Okay, the title is strong, but you really need to listen to the episode in order to get the context.  It's not a long episode, so it shouldn't take too long for you to get the gist of where I'm going with this.

I won't spoil it here by summarizing everything, but I will say that a lot of you fall into the category of "being a good person" and you have yet to reap the rewards of your efforts.  Some of you may have been taught to act a certain way towards people ever since you were a child and you're still waiting on the pay off.

Well, I'm going to attempt to free you from that mindset.  And I'd appreciate you leaving your feedback in the comments section about how you feel about what I say in this 4 1/2 minute episode of T2Q.  Just remember that I'm not an expert.  I just have opinions.

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How To Spot A Liar #TBT

How To Spot A Liar #TBT

January 7, 2021

(Show #529 originally aired in October 2015.)

The only thing worse than a liar is a thief.  But, we encounter more liars than we do thieves on a regular basis.  So, what do you look for to help protect yourself from being caught up in someone's web of lies?

Well, my callers will try to assist you with that as they give their two cents on what to look for and ask to weed out liars.  Joining me in this discussion are Show Legends, Crystal and Buck, and we're also joined by Canadian favorite, Stanley.

Show #898

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The Difference Between A Dude And A Man

The Difference Between A Dude And A Man

January 2, 2021

I know that some of you ladies get excited when "dudes" are blowing up your inbox, but that usually leads to disappointment.  What you want is a "man" stepping to you in your DM.

But, how can you tell the difference?  Well, I won't spoil this episode by sharing it in the show notes, so listen for yourself.

I asked a podcasting peer of mine, Taroy Jackson of The Thoughts Of An Average Joe Podcast to jump on the soap box with me on this one.  He gives his two cents on the situation, so if you don't believe me then maybe you'll believe him.  

You can check Taroy out at

Show #897

Teach Your Sons How To Be Men

Teach Your Sons How To Be Men

December 29, 2020

Why does it appear that men are on the brink of extinction? 

I'm not talking about "guys" or "dudes". I'm talking about men. "Guys" are buying PS5's, Jordans, and stuff, but aren't paying bills, being homeowners, or taking care of their families. And it's not that I'm against any of those things.  I just have a problem with it when it's done at the expense of family and/or paying bills.

In just my dad's lifetime alone, we've gone from 21-year old young men leaving their households to start prepare a life for a future family to present-day 35-year olds still trying to "find themselves". 

That kind of stuff irks me and we're going to address it and give some man training on this edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  "No experts.  Just opinions."

Show #896

Ladies, Men Judge Your Social Media Posts!

Ladies, Men Judge Your Social Media Posts!

December 26, 2020

Ladies, whether you like it or not, men judge you based on what you post on Facebook.  It may not be fair, but like a lot of things in life, "it is what it is".  

If you really think about it: how many ladies do you personally know who are nothing like what they post?  One?  Two?  Most of the people who say they are not about the drama are absolutely all about the drama.  They post cryptic messages just to get attention.  They post "thirst trap" photos and then get mad when the person they want attention from isn't one of the 10 people who DM them.  They talk about how someone betrayed them and that their circle is small.

What man wants that? (Notice I said "man" and not "dude".  There is a difference.)

I asked my podcaster in crime, Jhae Pfenning of The Hard Parking Podcast to jump on the soap box with me on this one.  He gives his two cents on the situation, so if you don't believe me then maybe you'll believe him.  After all, his radio voice is much better than mine.

You can check Jhae out at

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The T2Q Toys for THOTs Fund Raiser!

The T2Q Toys for THOTs Fund Raiser!

December 22, 2020

Enjoy this classic, Show #424 from December 23, 2014!  Here are the original show notes below:

Welcome to the first-ever T2Q Toys for THOTs fund raiser!  The Toys for THOTS Drive started as a way to help men during the holidays who have to appease their side chicks without further jeopardizing the relationships that they have with their real women.  The T2Q Toys for THOTs Drive takes donations to make sure that THOTs also have a Merry Christmas and not get items that are re-gifted. 
Okay, that's really not true.  This show really isn't a fund raiser for side chicks.  It takes a satirical look at the world of side pieces (women and men) and discusses how uncomfortable things can be around the holidays when someone doesn't know their place! 
the Talk 2 Q Radio Show celebrates Christmas!  "No experts. Just opinions." 
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Q-on-1 w/Actor, Liz Priestley

Q-on-1 w/Actor, Liz Priestley

December 19, 2020

Liz Priestley is an actor, opera singer, and more!  You name the artform and she has probably already mastered it.  However, she joins the show to talk about her first major movie role.  

Liz stars in the movie Concrete Cowboy.  It's a story about a mother trying to allow her son time to bond with his estranged father and partake in a culture that is very unique to him.  The movie also stars Idris Elba, Caleb McLaughlin, Lorraine Toussaint, and Method Man.  

We talk about what led to her first major role in film and what it was like to be the envy of millions of women out there by playing Idris Elba's wife in the movie.  We had a few technical difficulties during the recording, but we managed to get through it and have a great time in the process!  Liz is a very fun person to speak with and has a contagious laugh!

Sit back and enjoy this Q-on-1 edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio with Liz Priestley and be sure to check out her IMDB page.

Show #893

Q-on-1 w/News Journalist, Tammy Estwick

Q-on-1 w/News Journalist, Tammy Estwick

December 17, 2020

Tammy Estwick joined the show via Facebook Live to talk about a few topics.  I ask her about her career as a news reporter/anchor.  Is it sometimes dangerous for reporters to get the scoop on certain stories?  What's the preparation like for a news broadcast?

We also discuss her own personal business ventures and talk about her personal life and hobbies.  

Enjoy this Q-on-1 discussion with one of my favorite TV personalities!

You can follow Tammy on IG @TammyTeresa504 and get her Wildn Santa apparel at

Show #892

Can You Be Sexy & A Good Mom?

Can You Be Sexy & A Good Mom?

December 16, 2020
This show aired live on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show Facebook fan page:  Like the page while you're there and stay in the loop!

Times change and society evolves. Social media has not only changed how we look at other people, but it's changed how people live their lives. Now more than ever, it's important to a lot of people that they are seen. But how does it impact motherhood? 

Don't get me wrong.  No one is saying that it's impossible to do both.  It's just that a lot of moms are not willing to accept the fact that being a parent means that they have to make adjustments in their lifestyles.  Also, they may not recognize the damage they are causing to their kids' development.  

  • Are your sons being teased at school because mom posts back shots on Instagram at the clubs? 
  • Are daughters growing up "too fast" because they are following in the "hot girl summer" footsteps of  mom? 

That's what my panel and I will discuss on this FB Live edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  "No experts. Just opinions."

Show #891
Overcoming Relationship Woundedness w/Dr. Tiffany Anderson-Washington

Overcoming Relationship Woundedness w/Dr. Tiffany Anderson-Washington

December 12, 2020

Her passion for helping others solve life's mysteries drove her to her career.  Now she's sharing her personal journey with us in her new book.

Dr. Tiffany Anderson-Washington has spent almost two decades in the counseling profession.  She has dedicated her life to helping others improve their own through sessions and seminars.  You can add through writing to that list as her book, Lessons In The Valley: Overcoming The Cycle Of Relationship Woundedness hits the bookstands on January 9th, 2021. 

I talk with her about the genesis of her career as well as what inspired the book.  We also discuss coping with heart break and why some people are so comfortable with playing the victim after break ups.

It's a great conversation that I know that you will enjoy!

You can connect with Miracle Counseling Services on Facebook:

Show #890

Also available on YouTube.

“Vagina Power” with Alexyss K. Tylor #TBT

“Vagina Power” with Alexyss K. Tylor #TBT

December 9, 2020

(Show #225 originally aired in May 2013.)

On this TBT edition, it was such an honor to have speaker and YouTube legend, Alexyss K. Tylor, join T2Q!  She was one of the first YouTubers to go viral back in the early 2000's with her "Vagina Power" rants.

We discussed some of the relationship topics from her videos and how she handled the media attention that she received from shows like Tosh.0 and Maury Povich.

Please note that this show is very explicit!  Ms. Tylor is as direct as they come!

Also joining the discussion was Buck, Ray, Crystal, Amy, and M&M!

You can still find Alexyss K. Tylor by searching her name on IG and Twitter.

Show #889

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