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Q-on-1 w/DeSean Whipple of The WHIP Show

August 3, 2020

On this Q-on-1 podcast (sponsored by the Mystified Podcast), I'm joined by the always energetic, DeSean "Whip Dog" Whipple!  The former pro wrestler turned podcaster and I got together to discuss his podcast, "The WHIP Show" that can be heard all across the web.  We chatted about many things including how he got into wrestling and how his path led to a bout with the legendary King Kong Bundy.  He gives details on what his podcast is about and more.

We also tackle some social injustice issues that not only impact his home state of Michigan, but different cities across the U.S.  Why do the people in Flint, MI still not have clean drinking water?Is facial recognition software used by the police biased against black people?And just how do the citizens of Detroit feel about former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick? It's a very entertaining interview to say the least as The Whip Dog brings that same energy that he once brought to the ring!

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